what happens if you eat expired hot dogs?

12 Answers

  • Problems occur not because they are expired but if they have gone bad. If they have, I agree with the answer that stated you'll either throw up or have diarrhea. But if they are only expired, you'll probably be fine. I take my chances with expired food all the time. I use the look and sniff test. If it's not green or spotty and smells like it is suppose to smell, I eat it. I don't recall ever having food poisoning. My husband and I ate ham that "expired" in December just the other day for lunch with no negative results.

  • I just ate an expired Casper hot dog by accident, my daughter instantly had a stomach ache, I began to throw up about 20 minutes after eating it. I looked at the package it expired 12/18/16. Had some brownish red little spots. Didn't think much of it. Looked at the package and found out it was expired. Ironically I bought the pack two days ago at Lucky's Supermarket. Googled it and here I am. Don't eat expired hot dogs.

  • It should be okay to eat a few days past expiration date. Just go by color and smell. If it still looks and smells the same, it should be fine.

  • My stomach hurts and I are a old hot dog I think I'm just gonna get sick?

  • Never do it because you can get very ill or even die especially with that sort of meat

    you may get away with it once if it is just over it's use by date but you are taking a risk

  • You get sick. Not worth taking a chance on. Hot dogs are cheap, pitch them.

  • Your stomach will expire.

  • If you've had them in the freezer they will be okay .

    Then it depends on how old they are.

    I would take no chances though.

  • it depends how EXPIRED they are. it cant be good for you

  • You'll get sick and either throw up or get diarrhea 🙁

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