What happens if you get lemon juice in your eye?

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  • It will burn and you want to wash it out right away. Just put your head under the faucet with GENTLE flow of water and wash it out. If your vision is effected or burning continues go to urgent care for proper eye wash to be done.

  • OK... let's clarify 'lemon-juice'... is it:

    Juice from a FRESH LEMON.. or


    If it's a fresh lemon... then it will burn your eyes.. as lemon juice is basically CITRIC ACID... and although it's a weak acid, it will still 'chemically' burn your eyes.... In First-Aid, treat an eye burn with lots of running water... 15minutes of it... THe good news is that, weak acids doesn't damage that much...

    Now if it's soft-drink or cordial... who knows what's in it, but it's not likely to have any real lemon juice... still if it burns, rinse the eye with copious amounts of water.

  • when life gives you lemon juice, make lemon juice aids. Its delicious.

  • dont use lemon juice to heal ur eye may be it can burn or make blind your eyes

  • No. D: But you know how tiny drops of juice/mist sort of get sprayed when you open an orange? It hurts when you get that in your eye. x_x

  • The acid in it may eat away at the lens so you need to flush the eye out with water or milk for 15 minutes and contact a doctor.

  • It stings.


  • It will burn.

    Source(s): Personal experience.

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