What is 8th grade syndrome?

I saw a meaning in UrbanDictionary.com but looking at other Yahoo answers it depends on every person. Please excuse my ignorance but i’m not american, so I don’t really know what 8th grade syndrome means. Thanks!

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  • 8th grade syndrome is being an 8th grader and thinking you run the school because you are the oldest. You treat the younger kids meanly because you are older.

  • 8th grader syndrome is the most embarrassing stage of anyone’s life, yet they don’t know it at the time. It’s when someone, usually in 8th grade, believes that they have unique powers or abilities. Most people think it’s pretend…but I must speak from experience, when you have chuunibyou (8th grader syndrome), you actually do solidly believe you have powers. Until this year, I actually thought I could control precipitation, and my best friend controlled wind. We really looked like a pair of idiots…..still do, for that matter. It’s fun while it lasts, but people regret it later.

  • This is freakishly late, but 8th grade syndrome is, if anything a Japanese type of term referring to a person’s days in their younger years in which they believed themselves to be some kind of supernatural being, more often than not someone capable of wielding magic.

    It’s basically a lot of delusions a person had around the time of middle school or high school, like people going to school dressed up as animals or with a cape or something

    See Chuunibyou or, likewise, the anime with the same name


  • Sorry this is late. Eighth grader syndrome is when you think of yourself all powerful or you think you have supernatural powers. Some people have extreme cases of this where they dress up as their character. Other people might draw themselves as a half-human half-creature being, or simply close their eyes and imaging themselves fighting an evil warlord. Hope it helped!

  • so around the time of elementary and middle school kids tend to play pretend in the school yard may it be a simple game of family house or a all out battle with a bad person but in some cases the kids dont grow out of this phase when entering high school and so on so they tend to act strangely in school and seek out others like them very much like in the anime Chuuinbyou but some may think they fall into the LARP community because they have similar ideals yet you never know. p.s. this is a real and common thing because i remember playing pretend in my middle years yet i did grow out of it by high school.

  • does this effect anyone or everyone?

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