What is a cranio-baby?

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  • In an infant, the skull is not a solid piece of bone, but several boney plates separated by fibrous sutures. These sutures allow room for growth as an infant develops, and will eventually fuse to form a solid skull. Craniosynostosis is a condition in which one or more of these sutures fuse prematurely, causing restricted skull and brain growth. The result is an abnormally shaped head, or in severe cases, increased pressure on the brain. It is often sporadic with unknown cause, but can sometimes be linked a genetic syndrome. A physician’s examination as well as X-rays and/or a CT scan are required in order to properly diagnose craniosynostosis.

    The most common treatment is surgery performed by a neurosurgeon and craniofacial surgeon. There are three goals in surgery; open up the fused sutures to allow room for normal skull and brain growth, relieve any pressure that may be on the brain, and give the head a more normal appearance. Some cases may require more than one surgery. The prognosis for a child with craniosynostosis is generally good when treated, but will depend on which sutures and how many are fused.

  • Cranio Baby

  • When your baby went through the birth canal, her little skull kind of collapsed or squished together so it could fit. The bones on her skull are not all the way fused together like an adults are, and that is so that she would be able to get her head through the birth canal. The soft spot is just the spot where the bones would meet. In babies that do have them, the soft spot gets smaller and smaller as the bones grow and fuse together. It could be that your daughters is just very small and not noticeable. It's not a cause for concern.

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    What is a cranio-baby?

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    This is something the doctors would have checked at birth its standard procedure to check for cranio abnormalities and if you feel it may have closed in the past 6 days i highly reccomend seeing a doctor to be sure because if she doesnt thats not normal. The soft spots allow room for the brain to grow. But this is a standard check at birth and first doctors visit it may just be she doesnt have a large soft spot but if your concerned i would definitely say something to her doctor. Good Luck.

  • A cranio-baby is one that is born with birth defects to the head. It seems that most were delivered by c section.

  • would that be a baby with a head deformity {cranio means head}

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