What is a ephemeral style?

5 Answers

  • Everyday living for a person.

  • Ephemeral Style is the a short lasting thing, such as a song by a one hit wonder. Everyone likes it, then nobody does.

    Source(s): Apple Dictionary Application and listening to the Gorillaz a lot
  • Ephemeral means "daily" at its base. Modern usage places its meaning more along the lines of "temporary". Ephemeral Style, though I've never heard the phrase, suggests that the word applies to everyday living for a person. I found the following on Wikipedia:

    "Ephemeral can also be used as an adjective to refer to a fast deteriorating importance of an object to a person. Brands are notoriously ephemeral assets. A sensation which is felt by a person for a certain period of time before needing replenishment can be referred to as ephemeral."

    In clothing trends, the phrase Epheremal Style makes complete sense for fads that come and go rather quickly.

  • lasting a short time

    Source(s): oxford american dictionary
  • Can anyone tell me what is the correct answer for this question?

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