What is a fair price for 1 dozen homemade cookies?

Hi! I'm starting a little home-based business selling cookies! Instead of joining the cupcake craze, im going to specialize in cookies. I'm 17, and I plan on being a vendor in the local farmers market and selling locally.

How much would you be willing to pay for 1 dozen home-made 100% from scratch cookies?

I was thinking $10 for 1 dozen and $15 for 2 dozen... because I wanted even numbers, but what do you think, is it too much?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • if you plan to sell anything at all you need a business license. And if you plan to bake anything then you need to do that from a commercial kitchen...otherwise the city/county/or state would fine you. You can't get a license to sell until you're 18 so your parents would have to do that for you and then you would work for them and they would pay the taxes for you....but get that commercial kitchen first.

    People don't always buy cookies by the dozen, sometimes (like at Subway) they buy just one. But if you were opening a business you'd do a survey as to what people want and like and maybe send what you make to a bakery for people to buy them there. You could however go to subway, go to the grocery store, maybe check out Dunkin Donuts, and even with come convenient stores, etc. and check out the cost of cookies then price yours accordingly.

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  • I know it's years after the original post but...making specialty cookies is a big deal. I've made birthday and wedding cakes for years and am just now starting to charge for the beautiful cookies I usually give away. I love doing it but it's no different than people buying that birthday cake. If you want 2 dozen cookies lovely, good tasting cookies for a baby shower, I'll make them...$15-$24 per dozen depending on how you wAnt them decorated. If you want them individually bagged add $1 per cookie. It works! Hope you started baking and are loving it.

  • I have a home baking biz and sell my cookies for $10/doz. I would not discount the second dozen. Some cookies with nuts and chocolate are more costly to make but others are inexpensive so it balances out if you make a variety. Those of you who would rather buy cheap cookies at the store can go right ahead. But after eating homemade with fresh ingredients and no preservatives you will no longer like the taste of store bought. 🙂

  • Wow, three bad answers so far. Hope that didn't discourage your business mindedness. I sincerely hope you did some research and perhaps checked with the farmers market closest to you to see if they have any rules about selling homemade products at their market. That would be the best place to start. My wife has been baking and selling for over 20 years without a commercial kitchen, so you shouldn't need to bother with that. I suppose if you are headed for a commercial bakery business, you could look into that, but for heavens sake, you need to see if your product will sell in the open market first. Baking is a touchy market and people will only buy what they like. We sold on E-bay for a time and had certain repeat buyers, but the shipping costs across the country cut into our profits.

    There are so many things to consider when pricing your cookies. Sure, flour, sugar and the lighter baking ingredients are cheap. But when you start adding chocolate chips, nuts and other flavor ingredients, the cost of doing business goes up. You really need to pay attention to cost of ingredients. Then there are the overhead costs such as the operation and expected replacement cost of the oven, bowls, baking sheets and other hardware for making the product. Good baking sheets aren't cheap. Think about what you will use to package your product. Will you simply place them in Zip-lock bags or will you put them in decorative tins with wax paper and all the fixings? Last thing to take into consideration is your personal labor. Yes, you need to get paid to make these cookies! Don't forget that cost as you aren't making them for free. Yes, do the comparison of the cheap people that are just running to store to buy Chips-Ahoys... They are lazy, but that company puts out a million of them a day for about 20 cents a piece. They don't have the care, love and super ingredients you plan on using (I hope) and they won't taste anywhere near as good. So, yes, anywhere from 75 cents to a dollar a cookie is fair for the labor intensive process as long as they are a great product and you have the buyers willing to eat your product made with care and love. Who cares what cheap, lazy people say. Go for it!

  • Thats a little much in my opinion. What about $8 for a dozen and $14 for two dozen?

  • i would never buy cookies that expensive when i could just go to the store and get them for 2-5 bucks.

    i understand there's that special thing about homemade and you put labor into it so i can see why you might charge more but i wouldn't buy them over $5 but that's just me.

    i hope your business goes well

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    If the cookies are small then I would say about $3.00! But if they are kind of big go for $5.00! Good luck selling your cookies!

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