What is a genetic advance?

Please give me the definition of a genetic advance!

Thank you really much!

5 Answers

  • "Genetic advance

    The increase in the level of a quantitative variable that results from recurrent mass selection. For example, after one screening generation, there might be a 5% increase in the yield, or in the level of horizontal resistance to a particular species of parasite."


  • genetic advance

    Progress in shifting the genotype mean and gene frequencies of a trait in the population toward the desired direction as a result of selection.

  • Genetic Advance Formula

  • Genetic advance is the measure of genetic gain under selection which depends on three factors such as genetic variability, heritability and selection intensity.

  • Genetic advance is the difference between the mean of the selected

    plants in the original population and the mean of the progeny raised from the selected plants

    in the next generation. It can be predicted by the following formula.

    Genetic advance(GA) = s P * H * K

    K = selection intensity

    P = phenotypic standard deviation of the character in the population

    H = heritability in broadsense

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