What is a glucose standard curve, and how can you use this tool to determine a concentration of glucose?

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  • The standard glucose curve and its alternative

    A glucose curve is a series of blood glucose determinations made after a dose of insulin is given. Typically, blood samples are taken every 1 1/2 to 2 hours until the effects of the insulin injection can be determined. For ease of understanding, they are often plotted on a graph

    I use the term “mini-glucose curve” to describe blood glucose determinations made just before an insulin injection is given and at the previously determined peak time This two-point curve should identify the highest and lowest, or peak and trough, blood glucose concentrations. As described below, in certain situations, the mini-glucose curve is a useful substitute for the full glucose curve.

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    What is a glucose standard curve, and how can you use this tool to determine a concentration of glucose?

  • You and packinrat may be talking about 2 different things here: it’s possible that you’re talking about the lab technique of generating a standard curve to quantify some sample of unknown concentration. He’s talking about a clinical glucose assesment over time.

    Just in case, any standard curve is generated in the same sort of way: take a series of dilutions of the substance being tested for (example 5 ug/mL, 3 ug/mL, 1.5 ug/mL, 1 ug/mL, etc.) and do your test on them – often it will be a colorimetric assay where the color or strength of color is related to the concentration of the substance. Now you have a relationship between the test result and the known concentration. You can either plot it on a graph or do a simple linear regression (remember y=mx+b?). Now when you test the unknown sample, you can either plot the result on your graph or plug the result into your linear equation and see what concentration matches that result.

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    a standard curve can used to determine the concentration of substance. for example, you take the absorbance of known concentrations of the glucose solutions, and plot a line of best fit on a graph. then, you can take an absorbance of your unknown glucose solution, and determine its concentration (using the standard curve prepared earlier) by reading the concentration which corresponds to the aborbance value. lol, does that make sense?

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