what is a monitored dosage system (mds)?

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  • a)monitored dosage system (MDS) is a medication storage device designed to simplify the administration of solid oral dose medication

    b)an MDS typically holds drugs for seven days, with six compartments in each day and must be filled by a pharmacist

    c)repackaging of pharmaceutical products in MDS have the following benefits :

    •provide medicine storage which is easily accessible to the patient

    •reduce the complexity of adhering to a regimen

    •minimise dose, amount and timing errors

    •act as a memory aid

    •some MDS are tamper evident

    d)several issues pertaining to the repackaging of pharmaceutical products in MDS have been raised :-

    •the long term stability of medicines repackaged in MDS, as not all tablets and capsules will remain stable once out of their original packaging

    •the risk from secondary dispensing errors

    •MDS are only suitable for solid dosage forms that are to be swallowed whole

    •MDS are not useful for ‘when required’ medication

    •MDS are not suitable for medicines with variable dosage such as warfarin

    e)other issues are pertaining to repackaging in MDS are :

    •most of the systems in use lack of child resistant closures

    •the potential hygiene problems with reusable MDS

    •large size of MDS can make carrying difficult

  • Monitored Dosage Systems

  • Since this question is in the Respiratory section, it means that the doses are preset by the manufacturer of the inhaler. With each squeeze of your inhaler, you will get a preset amount of your medicine.

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