What is a ‘Package Deal’ for a birth in a Cebu hospital?

I heard something about a 'package deal' that hospitals offer for births in Cebu hospitals. Apparently you pay upfront, so that you don't get a big bill when you try to leave the hospital.

Can someone elaborate on a 'package deal'?

Also if someone can recommend a good hospital and Obstritition in Cebu please?


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  • You pay like 500 or thousand every time the woman goes to a checkup. On the first checkup you agree on a package deal.

    I can recommend Sacred Heart Hospital, my son was born there december 17th last year. My wife had payed 3000 altogether on her previous checkups. So the bill amounted to 5,380 not very much and very priceworthy I think. If you are not filipino you also should know that after birth you are required to get the medecines yourself from the pharmacy and pay a separate bill for the child.

    If you are well off you can of course choose a hospital like Chong Hua .

  • Cebu Doctors Hospital Maternity Package

  • A package deal is like this:

    Usually, when a pregnant woman goes on her first pre-natal check-up, she is asked whether she would opt for a package deal. This means that for every pre-natal check-up she does, she pays a certain amount. And the hospital reserves the right to appoint an ob-gyne in case she goes into labor and her regular doctor is unavailable. One of the conditions she has to meet is to donate blood...no, not her but someone in her family or a friend. I think it is like 2 bags of blood, screened and examined of course by the hospital itself.

    After delivery, she stays in a maternity ward...not a private room. All medicines, paraphernalia she uses she buys from the pharmacy and are not chargeable to her account. For normal delivery, it costs something like 3 to 4t...2 days stay in the hospital. I am not, however, sure if they charge for the nursery. Anyway, if a CS is done, the woman pays additional because the package deal is only good for a normal delivery. The additional payment would cost like 15 to 20t.

    Most hospitals in Cebu offer package deals to pregnant patients. If you think of availing this feature, the hospital itself has their own ob-gyne to attend to these women. These are doctors being paid or are employed by the hospital for such purpose.

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