What is a potential boyfriend ?

what does it mean to have a potential boyfriend ?

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  • To me when I think of a guy as a "potential boyfriend" it usually means that so far I like everything about him and i think we are a great match. But I have to get to know him better and make sure he doesn't have any odd behaviors I couldn't handle in a relationship. And most importantly I have to make sure the attraction is mutual.

  • Potential Boyfriend

  • Someone who's a boyfriend material.

    Or someone who has potential.

  • i guess someone that you are seeing a lot of, talk to a lot, go out with a lot, but you are not officailly boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess i have a potential boyfriend by that definition, but i think of him as my not-boyfriend haha

  • potential = possible/ likely

    Meaning that guy is destined to be someone's next mate : )

    He has good characteristics/ qualities that is interesting to that person

  • There's a guy you would seriously consider going out with.

    Answer my question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjHdg...

  • Someone that you would consider dating, or that you are defiantly yearning toward dating.

  • Thats a new one?

  • What?

  • ****** up theories

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