What is a PPR pipe? What are it’s advantages, disadvantages and uses?

what is PPR abrevation, and describe the same

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  • PPR =Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type 3

    -PP-R pipes is made with reference to the standard of DIN8077/8078 of Germany.

    -There are three general types of polypropylene: homopolymer, random copolymer, and block copolymer. The comonomer used is typically ethylene. Ethylene-propylene rubber or EPDM added to polypropylene homopolymer increases its low temperature impact strength. Randomly polymerized ethylene monomer added to polypropylene homopolymer decreases the polymer crystallinity and makes the polymer more transparent.


    Residential cold and hot water system

    Underground heating system

    Conveyor of industrial water and chemical materials

    Sanitary and pure water pipelines

    Hot water recycling system

    Compressed air pipelines

    Drink manufacturing and conveying system

    Other industrial and agricultural pipelines

    -Polypropylene random copolymers are thermoplastic resins produced through the polymerization of propylene, with ethylene links introduced in the polymer chain. The resins possess a broad range of characteristics and are used in a wide range of applications.

  • Ppr Pipe

  • Ppr Pipes

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    What is a PPR pipe? What are it's advantages, disadvantages and uses?

    what is PPR abrevation, and describe the same

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    Unless you design and build water supply and/or treatment plants, you don't have to worry about ever using PPR pipe. I am going to assume that Jerold is switching professions from magician to pluming engineer.

  • It is a co-extruded polypropylene pipe .. the co-extrusion can be other plastics or even metals or fiber casings etc.... its a means to add other properties to finnished pipes mostly for improvements in expansion and modulas... ie to make a pipe that doesn't sag especially at higher temperatures. Co extrusion over say copper gives a product that doesn't corrode but is able to not sag in say hot water service and have properties like the metal

  • من الاتلاف PPR كيف نحمي قنوات

  • Polypropylene well known as PPR pipes & Fittings one of the most chemically resistant polymers. Below you will see the chemical resist-

    ance of PP-R products according to DIN 53756; the chemical resistance related with composition, qual-

    ity condition concentration, time of affection and temperature of material.

  • ppr is food grade material.and best for plumbing.

  • IT IS EASIER TO WORK WITH advantages, YOU CAN WORK ALONE disadvantages

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