What is a stallion-cob?

In the Canterbury Tales, the Reeve rides a stallion-cob. What kind of horse is this in relation to this time period?

I know what a stallion is... you obviously didn't read the details.

9 Answers

  • A cob is normally a small but heavy bodied horse, sometimes they have feathers like an Irish Cob has or some are just really stocky like Percheron's without feathers.

  • Stallion Cob

  • A cob is a breed of pony. They are still around today, so it doesnt sound like it has anything to do with the time period. And hes a stallion.

  • A cob is a smallish horse, and a stallion is an un-neutered male horse, so it sounds like he is riding a small whole male horse.

  • Stallion is a unfixed boy horse a cob is a type of horse

  • A cob is a breed of horse and you should know what a stallion is.

  • you know what stallion is so yeah.

    A cob is a breed of horse, quite stocky. =)

  • A cob pony with his balls still attached




  • It is a drafty horse. That is a breedable male

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