What is a vehicle tag number?

is that like the liscense plate?

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  • The tag number is the license plate number. You are correct.

  • Vehicle Tag Number

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    Source(s): Vehicle History Search Database : http://vehiclehistory.siopu.com/?EWJM
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    Source(s): Vehicle History Search Database - http://vin.trustdd.com/?jzNf
  • Car Tag Number

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  • Get Your Vehicle History Reports!

  • The tag number is actually the license plate number of a vehicle. Pretty simple, right? Since I mentioned this, I might as well tell you about a service at http://is.gd/GK9AMi . Thanks to it, you can actually gain access to any tag number you might be interested in. As long as the vehicle you are searching for is in the USA, you can learn everything about it.

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  • maybe they said VIN#? Vehicle Identification Number

    17 digit number on dash near left corner...

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    Source(s): Car History Report http://vinnumberlookup.gelaf.info/?NMV4

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