What is adoxy? and what is it for?

I have heard about this medicine adoxy saying it can give cell food or something similar. But i just can't find any useful information about it anywhere like what is it for and how does it work. My aunt is infested with liver disease HCVs and been said that this medic can so how cure the disease. Does it really work? If anyone know about it (adoxy) plz help. If there any official medical website with news regarding this medicine link it plz too. Thank you.

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  • Recheck your sources. Adoxy may mean Adoxa, or Doxycycline. It's an antibiotic and not new or any sort of miracle treatment. It's good for Anthrax and Malaria, I noticed.

  • .....HCV is Hepatitis C virus.

    This virus enters the body and goes to the liver cells to use the

    liver cell to replicate itself. When it uses that one cell, that cell

    dies, and it goes onto using many others.

    A virus is not like a bacteria. Bacteria are larger and can easily

    be affected by using an antibiotic. Virus are so small that it

    takes high magnification to even see them. They can also

    mutate. What this means, when they replicate, there may

    be a slight difference in them that is just enough to fool

    the immune system so they cannot be destroyed fast.

    In other words, the anti biotic doesn't have much affect on


    Adoxy claims to be of help to the cells. There is nothing

    listed here on this site that claims to "destroy" a virus of

    any type. The doctor has to "approve of "or prescribe

    all medications for the patient. He would be the only

    one to ask if this would be of benefit in some way to

    the patient or not.



    [These sites are only be posted to show the product and

    its possible benefits]


    There is, however, this article quoted from the

    Ivanhoe Medical:

    "There are drugs, one we call NS5A inhibitors.

    These drugs are well tolerated with very little side

    effects. Another drug is called daclexaval, it is by BMS

    and it is in Phase III now in trials and it is quite tolerable.

    Another group of drugs is called NS5B inhibitors and

    there are two classes in that. One is a nuclear side and

    has 5B inhibitor, the other one has no nuclear side,

    and these are proteinase inhibitors.

    The nuclear side MS5B inhibitors have been shown

    to be very potent. I think one of these drugs could be

    approved by the later part of this year. It is made by Giliat.

    That drug in combination or NS5B inhibitor in combination

    with MS5B inhibitor the cure rate is going

    to be close to ninety five percent.

    So these medicines could be on the market very soon

    and theoretically if the pharmaceutical companies work

    together it could be even faster.

    If you would like more information, please contact:

    Sara Steffen

    Mercy Medical Center


    [email protected]

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