What is an MO/DO dental procedure?

I think thats what they called it. Can anyone tell me the basic details and what its for?

Thank you. And this is done as a regular procedure?

2 Answers

  • MO stands for mesial-occlusal filling. meaning that the side of your teeth that is close to your lips has a cavity as does the top of your tooth. mesial=closest to the front of your mouth occlusal= top of your tooth.

    DO stands for disto-occlusal filling. meaning the side of your tooth that is closest to throat has a cavity as does the top of your tooth. disto=closest to the throat. occlusal meaning the top of your tooth

    Edit: Yes these are two of the most common procedures that dentist do. It is just a way that dentist talk so that they know in more exact detail what type of filling they are doing

  • Occlusal Filling

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