what is an open speaker alcoholics anonymous meeting what do they do?

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  • An open meeting is open to everyone not just members of AA. a speaker meeting is much like sitting through a church service, except instead of hearing a sermon about God or Jesus or the bible you hear that one persons story of how they came to be in AA and how AA has helped them. there is much talk about god but not God. They talk about how bad a person they were when drinking until they came to AA and admitted they were powerless and gave themselves to the god of AA and now how much more wonderful life is in AA.

    I saw nothing but self loathing and AA glorification. the speaker meetings are one reason some people stay sober just to be able to get up in front of people and have their few minutes of fame. They start about how bad they were and then when they end up it is just a bunch of bragging but giving AA the credit of how good they are now af helping the fellow alcoholic.

    The speaker is usually someone from outside that particular group and is visiting from another sister group within the same city or from another city. But sometimes the speaker is from that group.

    I know many AA members who make it a life time thing just going to group to group as a guest speaker much like an evangelist goes from church to church. I printed up buisness catrds for a trucker one time that said The Alcoholic that was his CB Handle and he got on the CB while drivihng his truck and preached AA and tried to get booked as a guest speaker.

    AA has three basic type of meetings some open and some closed meanging that it is open to non members or closed only to members. One type is everyone sits at a table and when eheir turn they say hello my name is_____ and I am an alcoholic and goes on to talk about why they are there.

    Big Book study meeting. Much like bible study but instead of the bible they study the big book.

    Speaker meetings which I have already discussed in length.

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  • I was taught that a ‘speaker meeting’ is one where there are speakers who give a talk about their alcoholism and recovery before a non-speaking audience of attendees.

    I was also taught that an 'open meeting' is one to which anyone is welcomed - non-alcoholics as well as alcoholics and those yet undecided.

    So an "Open Speaker Meeting" is a 'speaker meeting' where anyone can attend. Even non-alcoholics just interested in hearing about alcoholism or learning about the Fellowship.

    A closed meeting is one for alcoholics only. Non-alcoholics, no matter what other problems they may have, whether it be drug addiction, chronic diarrhea, bi-polar disorder, shopping addiction, ADHD or whatever - may not attend. - unless they are alcoholic.


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  • Honestly............AA meetings won't be the brightest part of your day. Don't get me wrong they do help people because they are run by other recovering alcoholics so they know what people are going through. Now if you are going there to quit they can help. But , if you are going because a judge told you that you have to go than you probably will go in with an attitude. You will sit down and they will start the meeting the same way they always do. They will read a bit, recite the serenity prayer, go around the room so everyone can say who they are "Hi, I'm John And I'm An Alcoholic". "Hi John".............Something like that. In the end they will pass around a basket and ask for a donation. You don't have to give. Put your probation card in the basket so they can sign it if that is why you are there.

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    what is an open speaker alcoholics anonymous meeting what do they do?

  • I went to a meeting with a neighbor, actually I went to two of them. One was at a large church with booked in speakers, who were very well versed, and it was almost like a comedy night, they shared their stories and make them laughable, instead of poor woes me. We both had a really good time. The next one was at a small office type and someone leading the meeting said some things and then people got up and shared their lives, or the current events they were struggling with, it was not as fun, but it was obvious, the people in the room needed a social enviorment to hang out with people going through what they were going through, instead of being at home alone or sitting at a bar. I also went to a NA meeting, that was very hardcore, the people were mostly going thru heroin recovery and speed recovery and their lives are so taken over from the drug, since I was not an addict or drug user, I was uncomforatable at it, but it was hard core for people with a very hard core back ground and addiction. My friend decided to stick to the larger meetings, some had more booked in speakers and large attendences, and some were smaller group with open mike. There is usually coffee and cookies. If you need to go, and the crowd or age of the people does not suit you, there are many many places holding meetings, you to a dif location next time and see if you are more comforatable there. The large church one was mostly young, people really enjoying going there. The other was mixed ages. If you need to go for you or a friend, just go and find out. Its nothing painful and you do not have to speak unless you would like to.

  • Usually you read the twelve steps, then everyone takes turns talking for up to three minutes about their recovery. Then people can talk more after everyone has talked. If you are shy, you can just say your name and pass.

    There is also meetings where a person gives a talk for an hour. That is the open speaker meeting. You have good speakers and not so good.

  • An open speaker meeting is a meeting where a guest speaker is selected by the organizers of the meeting itself. Usually, it is someone who has many years of sobriety, who can best share their "experience, strength and hope" for old and newcomers alike.

  • A place you can go to listen and speak about an addiction towards alcohol or drugs. They also help you learn to realize your addiction and get help for it. Places like P90, or even some community centers hold these meetings.

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