what is an outdrive engine on a boat?

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  • There are three ways to identify how a boat is propelled.

    Outboard = engine and drive all in one unit, hangs from stern, easily removable.

    Inboard = Engine mounted inside the boat, connected to a transmission, which has a shaft that goes through the bottom of the boat that the propeller is attached to, steered using a rudder.

    Inboard/Outboard = The engine is mounted inside the boat, the drive unit, or transmission, is mounted on the outside and is also used to steer the boat by turning left and right.

    On an inboard/outboard, or I/O as they’re called, the unit on the outside of the boat is called the outdrive. On the outdrive, the upper unit is attached to the engine through a flexible coupling, the lower unit is where the propeller is attached, and the transmission, or directional gears, are in between.

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    what is an outdrive engine on a boat?

  • Inboard/outboard has the engine inside the boat under a shell near the back, but on the inside and the out-drive or “foot” or propeller area sticking out through the wall in the back. An outboard motor hangs off the back of the boat by a set of clamps and the whole engine is exposed.

  • The engine is in the boat and the unit to which it connects

    propels the boat, the lower unit you can see on the outside

    back of the boat will be your drive.

  • the outdrive hooks up behind the motor and goes out the stearn

  • An engine that is on the outside of a boat. Also called outboard.

  • an outboard motor is one that bolts onto the back of the boat and can be removed.

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