what is another good word for “lack of awareness” ??!!! HELPP !!!?

I want a good word for “lack of awareness” for this english paper……….please reply….

8 Answers

  • Cluelessness



    In the dark

  • Lack Of Awareness

  • Ignorance

  • “ignorance” means lack of knowledge.

    “oblivious” is an adjective that means you are totally unaware, as in “he was oblivious to the noise all around him”.

    You could also go with “uninformed”, meaning that you haven’t been told about something yet.

  • The word “unawareness” exists. You could also talk about “ignorance of” something. I’d go for the second.

  • Abscond-To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution.

  • Oblivious or naive

  • ignorance, insensitivity, unconsciousness

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