what is ‘barakallahu fik’ (arabic language) ? when to use these words?

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  • بارك الله فيك in arabic

    or Barak Allahu Fik in transliteration

    means May God's Blessing be upon you.

    It's a common expression used in the arabic world to say " thank you ", the same way we say " God bless you " in english.

    You can say these words if someone gives you something or is nice to you.

    For example if somebody who's arab or muslim tells you that you look good today, you can say to him " Barak Allahu fik , man ". I'm sure he'll be surprised! lol

    Have a nice day.

  • Baraka Allahu Fik

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  • yes It means:God bless you

    and you can say it when someone do something good for u or help you with something

    Good luck

  • It means:God bless you

  • God bless you

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