What is beef shortening used in frying buffalo wings?

what is beef shortening for frying? I called buffalo wild wings to see what they use to fry their wings and this is what they told me. I am looking to do them at home in my deep fryer, but I don't see anything online about it.

Thank you

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  • Shortening is any fat that is solid at room temperature and can be derived from either plants, or animals. Butter can be considered a shortening, as well as the brand name "Crisco." A common form is lard! that can be the fat of any animal.

    Beef shortening is what used to make McDonalds French fries so tasty. That is shortening derived from the fat and tallow of beef. I owned a fast food franchise (not Mickey D's) that eliminated the use of AV (animal/vegetable) shortening due to politically correct health concerns, and we had to begin using canola oil. Didn't make a difference with most fried stuff, but the French fries never tasted the same, and they also dropped in sales!

    I doubt the beef tallow shortening would make a huge difference in buffalo wings. Since they are traditionally non-breaded, I wouldn't expect much beef taste to transfer in the cooking process. Any good oil should work as well. If you want though, you can buy beef tallow online here: http://www.grasslandbeef.com/Detail.bok?no=878&aff... and mix that with Crisco shortening. You can also use lard to fry.

    If you think there is a beef taste imparted by the frying process, try and marinate your wings first in either beef stock, or broth made from beef bullion. Who knows, that may be just the taste you want (and no I've never tried it, but I think I might!).

  • Beef Shortening

  • Beef "shortening' is called tallow. It's rendered from beef fat.

    Call your local stores and farms to see who sells tallow. The stuff that BWW uses is commercial grade and processed to be odorless and flavourless.

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