What is commissioned work and non-commissioned work????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Can you give me an example of an artist/composer/performer who did commissioned work and non-commissioned work?

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  • A commissioned work is one produced by an artist to order from a patron, who decides the subject matter and pays for the finished work, taking possession of it on completion and payment.

    A non commissioned work is one the artist produces for themselves, to their own taste, and retains possession of unless they decide to sell or give it away at a later date.


    Commissioned work - Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, commissioned by Pope Julius II.

    Non commissioned work - Beethoven's Third Symphony 'Eroica'

  • Define Commissioned

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    I had to explain a lot since I was first in the military: Commissioned = Officer = college graduate or equivalent Non commissioned = enlisted = high school education or equivalent It used to be officer = nobleman and soldier = serf Now they have to distinguish between classes and go by education level. The difference in treatment is extreme.

  • don't know about rnzaf, usa army ranks are non-commissioned are everything from private to master/first sergeant commissioned are from lieutenant to general and between non-commissioned and commissioned are warrant officer - sort of all the priveleges without the responsibility

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