What is direct representation? (regarding stamp act)?

Im confused, but does it mean exactly and what is the difference between that and virtual representation?

All answers appreciated! 🙂

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  • Virtual representation is the idea that members of Parliament elected by British voters actually represent the interests of not only British residents but also of people living in the colonies.

    Direct representation is the idea that American should be able to elect their own representatives to Parliament (or, that they be allowed to have their own Parliament in America running American affairs but still under the leadership of the British crown). Obviously, this never happened.

  • Direct Representation

  • Have you ever heard the phrase "No taxation without virtual representation?" That is what the British was doing to the Americans.The British Parliament was virtually representative the welfare of the thirteen colonies, but the colonies had not say other then the Parliament officials that was in England and not in the colonies.

  • open the book, read, and search on google =)

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