what is energy that is stored up in a substance called?

I need help!!!

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  • The energy that is stored up in a substance or object is called ‘ potential’ energy………………

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  • Potential Energy.

  • The simple, and correct, answer is potential energy.

    It’s good to know that potential energy is a general category that includes several specific types of stored energy, like electric potential energy, elastic potential energy, gravitational potential energy, nuclear potential energy, intermolecular potential energy, chemical energy and thermal energy. Most, if not all, of these specific types of energy are involved in any real substance.

  • Stored energy is refered to as potential energy.

  • Cells use the catabolism of compounds (i.e. glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, etc.) to synthesize ATP molecules. the premier source of capacity is the Kreb’s (a.ok.a. TCA, Citric Acid) cycle and electron transport chain. The cycle takes extreme capacity electrons from large compounds (as quickly as they’re broken down into Acetyl CoA) and transfers the electrons to carriers NAD and FAD. The electron transport chain transfers those electrons by using a team of steps and finally onto oxygen to make water. long tale short, the capacity of those electrons is ultimately contained interior the phosphate bond of ATP. do no longer think of of it as making a clean extreme capacity bond. think of of it as moving the capacity of catabolism (of glucose, fat, etc.) into one usable, time-honored form. that’s no longer that the physique is “spending capacity,” that’s changing it right into a usable form. desire that facilitates.

  • If you mean stored by being placed somewhere, it is potential energy.

    If you mean by burning, it is calories.

  • Enthalpy might be what youre looking for.

  • potiential

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