What is half of 36 5/8 in fractions?

that's in inches so I need to know in inches what that is? Thanks!

5 Answers

  • Convert the number to a fraction in which the numerator is even. Halve it, and then simplify.

  • 18 5/16

  • I think that the difficulty would be in finding half of 5/8.

    Well, so what's half of 2/4. That's 1/4, right?

    The same can be applied to this problem. Half of 5 is 2.5. The only problem is that 2.5/8 is messy, so we double it. 2 times a fraction is 2 times both numerator and denominator, so that would make 5/16.

    Looking at that number, you'd almost think that it would be more intuitive to simply double the denominator in all cases where you're dividing a fraction by 2.

    Yep. That would be true.

  • 18 5/16

  • lowest common denominator, would be 16 so

    half of 36 is 18, have of 5/8 or 10/16 is 5 /16


    18 5/16 and yes, that's in inches.

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