what is heaven really like?

last saturday my 24 year old brother died from a drug overdose, next month he was going to be a father for a second time he was going to turn 25 and his son is turning 2 im not coping well with it at all im only 2 years younger than him and our whole lives we have been bestfriends, i have extemely strong urges to commit suicide the pain is just unbearable the only thing that keeps me going is believing i will one day see him again, so my question is what is heaven like when i die will i be able to hug him and kiss him will i be able to see his face, will it be like we was on earth seeing eachother everyday, having huge family dinners with the family, im sorry for the silly questions i just need to know to put my mind at rest

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  • He could be in heaven,hell or purgatory.


    I know this is old but..

    First of all when it comes to eternity (everlasting life) God says he will wipe away every tear and the former things will be forgotten, and there will be no more pain, so even if you don't see a loved one there, you can be assured you will still have everlasting peace and joy.

    Secondly, Heaven will be a place where the saints will go for a thousand years to participate in the judgement, and then they will descend to the earth and God recreates the earth and the saints live for eternity on the new earth. Just like Gods original plan before sin, in the garden of Eden.

    Lastly, the bible teaches that those who are dead are just sleeping in their graves awaiting the resurrection, so no pain or pleasure yet. Also God looks on the heart. If someone committed suicide, we don't know what kind of mental defects they could of had. God considers these things. This is not to say we commit suicide and it's alright.

  • Jesus said: “I have come down from heaven.” (John 6:38) To some religious leaders, he also said: “You are from the realms below; I am from the realms above.” (John 8:23) What did Jesus say about heaven?

    He was to father a race of humans whose home would be the earth. “As regards the heavens, to Jehovah the heavens belong, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.”—Psalm 115:16.

    People do not normally want to die; death is not natural for humans. God mentioned death to Adam only as the punishment for disobedience. Had Adam obeyed, he would never have died.—Genesis 2:17; Romans 5:12.

    Not surprisingly, then, God said nothing to Adam about going to heaven. So the earth was not to be a proving ground where people would be tested to see if they were fit for heaven. Man was created to live forever on earth, and that purpose of God will yet be fulfilled. The Bible promises that “the righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” (Psalm 37:29) Clearly, humans were not originally meant to go to heaven. Why, then, did Jesus promise heavenly life to his apostles? Did Jesus mean that all good people will go to heaven?

    Please click on the link below and find out who will go to heaven and who will dwell here on earth?

    The Bible promises that “the righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” (Psalm 37:29)

  • Sorry for your loss Clare. Revelation 21 tells you all about Heaven. There have been some intriguing stories of people who died and came back to life and told people what they had seen. A little girl died and found herself in a beautiful garden where Jesus was sitting waiting for her. She asked Him if she could say good bye to her family before going with Him to Heaven and He said yes. She briefly came back to life, after telling her family what had happened, she died. Americans often see Heaven as a continuation of their life here on Earth, meeting family and friends they have known and loved here. Other peoples often enjoy the anticipation of getting 'away' from everyone and everywhere they have known, Culture plays a major part in speculations about Heaven.

  • I am very sorry for your loss and your extreme suffering, Clare.

    The bible's hope for those we have lost in death is a very comforting one. Jesus explained that death is like a deep sleep with the hope of being awakened again in the resurrection. Some have the hope of going to heaven for a specific purpose to rule in God's kingdom. But the majority of mankind are awaiting a resurrection back to the earth in the near future where the earth will be transformed back to the original paradise that Jehovah God intended for us in the beginning.

    Yes then you will be reunited with your loved ones and you will be able to hug them again and have your huge family dinners and live in peace, forever.

    John 5:28,29.."do not marvel at this for the hour is coming when all those in the memorial tombs(asleep in death) will come out. To a Resurrection of life........."

    rev21:3,4,...and he will wipe our every tear from their eyes and death will be no more , neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. the former things have passed away.''

    Luke 23:43..."Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise."

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  • My older sister died of cancer four years ago. I lost both parents at an early age and went to an orphanage. I often felt depressed and cared little about anything and contemplated suicide , something inside kept me going. I'm not a constant church attendee , but it helps from time to time. I know its hard but keep your brothers memory alive by being a good person and be good to yourself. I hope things turn out well for you, I'm glad you shared this with others. My sister was a sweetheart she taught Sunday school and my Grand kids miss her. When she entered the last stages of the disease it was hard to see her fade away , on some days she said she was on the back porch with Mom. She was taken off life support in the hospice and died quietly, I understand your pain. Hang in there, it takes a while to heal inside.

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  • I have full of sympathy toward you and praying to the God to have strength to endure it. We all making our opinion living in imagination but we all don't know what is heaven really like. It's just miracle. After death who can say what is happening and how is it. So, don't live in imagination and to be a realistic so that you can feel the truth; what it is!

  • Heaven would be like north Korea if the myths of the bible are true. A god watching over you constantly wanting to be praised and worshiped. Sounds like north Korea to me.

  • Is this a joke? How could anyone possibly even know there's an afterlife let alone what it's like unless they've been there perhaps? I believe there is but I could be wrong but for any human, the Pope himself to claim they know what Heaven is like, thats what they think, nobody knows that! Not to be mean but this is 1 stupid question. NOBODY KNOWS THAT! Wow...

  • Mankind don't have that imagination power to imagine Heaven. That is under the control of God. Then he will show us in the Eternal life.

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