What is kylie jenners tumblr theme?

My tumblr:http://tylerturrell.tumblr.com/

Kylies tumblr:http://kalifornia-klasss.tumblr.com/

I live her theme please could you tell me what it is and how I install it as I'm new to tumblr and don't really know how it works thanks in advance....

Please follow me 😛

3 Answers

  • its probably a custom theme, which means someone has made it for her so only she has it, a lot of popular tumblr blogs/ famous people with tumblr have them

  • Kendall does have a Tumblr, but unfortunately, it's private. Sorry.

  • hey she uses max davis themes its one of these i hope this helped 🙂 http://themes.themaxdavis.com/

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