What is M&E services in a building?

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  • M&E refers to Mechanical and Electrical services in a building.

    In that a building is often heated or cooled, a Mechanical Service could include the Air Ducts, and our Water Piping for the chiller's or heaters. The Electrical Service would include the power and control wiring for these different pieces of equipment.

  • The term M&E services in a building is shorthand for Mechanical and Electrical services. The list of duties can be very great including redesign and replacement of existing physical and electrical items. In some buildings this might includes pools, greenhouse or atria, and other more exotic facilities.

    For a very good idea of possible details, check out the site below (a company which provides such services):

  • M & E services in a building includes all Mechanical and Electric aspects of buildings like cooling Systems, Heating Systems, power systems, air conditioning, artificial lighting, e.t.c

  • M&e Services

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