What is meant by life being nothing but vanity?

"Man is born, man lives, and man dies

And it's all vanity.

And that's about the way it is in the merry-go-round

You get on, you go around, standing in the saddle

He tried thrills

He said i gave myself to enjoy pleasure

What are teenagers doing today?

They're trying every thrill there is in the books.

They got color TV.

But it is still isn't satisfying. "

what does life eing vanity actually mean, I have no concept of vanity at all.

5 Answers

  • Vanity means thinking we are more important then another. Everyone thinks this and functions with this in mind. Even when we think other people are dumb it is because we think we are not. Or when we are too preoccupied with ourselves, good or bad, this is all vanity.

  • It's true.

    Nothing you ever do, have done, or will do, actually makes any difference in the large scale and the timeline of the universe that has existed for billions of years.

    You get born, learn words, play with kids, study books in a concrete building, get a job, sit in a cubicle, watch tv and play sports, have hobbies in your spare time, have kids, retire, watch tv and play bingo, die.

    Everything that can be done, has already been done. Your experience is individual, but also vain no matter what you do.

    In the end, you just end up as a corpse like everyone else, and depart this life alone. The only certain thing is that you will decompose (or burn). You can't take anything you loved in life with you, your dear memories, wishes, people, dreams, etc... It's all brain synapses and electrons, once you die, they disappear from existence.

    It might be depressing but at least if you acknowledge it, you may feel a little better about it. Vanity = lacking intristic, deeper meaning.

  • "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity." --Ecclesiastes 1:2 (and other places in this same book, King James Version).

    Source(s): Holy Bible, Authorized Version of 1611, 1738 revision, Cambridge Press. Public domain.
  • it means life is all for nothing its all for show. "man live, and dies" there is no point to that its just a show "theyre trying every thrill there is in books" means theyre trying to make theyre life mean something but what theyre trying means nothing its just for show

  • One way amongst many of seeing things.

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