What is pkb of the conjugate base of x-281? (assume 25 ∘c.)

<Topic_8b_acidbase Relating pka and pKb 11 of 17 > Review Constants Periodic Table pk. = 4.96 Learning Goal: To understand thWhat is pKb of the conjugate
base of X-281? (Assume 25 ∘C.) Express your answer numerically.


From the given relationship, pKa + pKb = 14 at 25oC

i.e. pKb = 14 - pKa

here, pKa of X-281 is given as 4.96.

so, pKa = 4.96

If we assume the temperature to be 25oC,

Then, pKb = 14 - pKa

= (14 - 4.96)

= 9.04

so, pKb is 9.04

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