what is porter service?

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  • A porter is someone who handles logistics or does general manual labor. I once worked at a fine furniture chain and we had a porter. His job was to assemble and disassesmble furniture and goods for delivery.

  • Porter Service

  • What Is Porter

  • Best way to go. Its how I started. You are going to be a grunt. Washing cars shuttling cutomers, yes even cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the trash. But if you are dilligent, keep your mouth shut, and do a good job the service manger WILL notice. If they haven't asked you in a year to move into the service department go ahead and ask them. Usually you start as an oil change guy and work your way up. It takes time. And us veterans will make it hard for you. Dont be discouraged. Just suit up and show up. I will tell you though in this economy things are moving slow.

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