what is sin(1) in terms of Pi?

who is correct and how do you find out the answer?

no, i am looking for sin(1), i know sin=1 is Pi/2 and sin(pi)=0.

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  • No one is correct. sin(1) (in radians) and sin(1°) cannot be expressed in terms of π, but the latter can be expressed in terms of very nasty radicals. See this link:


    Do you happen to mean arcsin(1)? If so, then the answer is π/2 since the solution to:

    sin(x) = 1,

    in the interval [-π/2, π/2] is x = π/2.

    I hope this helps!

  • You must be looking for the radian for sin of 1 and that is pi/2. When the sin = 1, then cosine is zero, then you are at 90 degrees. 90 degrees is half of 180 degrees, the measure for radians, thus when sin=1 you are at half pi in radians. Answer: pi/2.

  • Check out your unit circle. I'm pretty sure it's pi/2


  • square root of 3

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