What is talkmatch.com. Is it a part of Match.com?

I have a paid subscription to Match.com (dating site). And there's been 2 times now that I received an e-mail (regular e-mail, not from the site directly) that said some woman made me one of her favorites.

When I click the link to view the woman's profile, it goes to Match.com. But, it never allows me to view their profile more than once. Like, if I tried to view their profile the next day, it goes to the site, but it says "The profile you're looking for is not available at this time". Why does this keep happening, and why does it say talkmatch.com in the e-mails?

I've had absolutely no luck on Match.com so far. I'm really starting to wish I never paid for a subscription. (- _ -)

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  • If you couldn't see the profile, it was most likely deleted as spam, or someone out to steal from you.

    Talkmatch is a way they can privately talk to you without using their personal email. It is part of Match.com. However you should be careful, spammers and catfishers are their also.

  • I know what you mean I think match.com is just a rip off I cancelled my subscription but as you know your on until term is over I think is BullShit

  • Talkmatch.com

    Source(s): https://owly.im/baIgg
  • Why do I get such span just for belonging as a paying member of match.com? On match" I ASK", to meet only lady's 52 to 62, thinner, and in shape, and white only. I have been matched with a number of black lady's, many 68 to 78 year olds, lots of fat woman! I'm 66, in shape, I hit the gym 3 times a week, I'm the C E O of a busy corp., very well off. Very ticked off at Match.Com , only game players there. When my membership is up, I'm gone!

  • same answer as above cant find the man that sent message he disappeared thought I finally someone feel cheated paid and got no satisfaction and writing anything on here is worthless

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