What is the Average Height for a 8th grader?

I am 5'7" by the way.

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  • Well you are a boy and and 8th grader i think your just growing faster than some of your other friends...but i think 5'7 is normal for an 8th grader..trust me once you go into high school your friends will catch up to you or even grow bigger than you..pluz you will keep growing until your 21 but just look at your parents..are they tall?

    hope that helps!!

  • Average 8th Grade Height

  • The average height nation wide for men , used to be, believe or not 5 feet 6 inches, but I think that number has increased to 5/8.

  • Well i know many 8th graders who are 5 foot and some who are even 5 foot 2.

    From what i've seen, 66.5" is the average

  • 5'3, that is the height most people are in the 8th grade,i am also an 8th grader and am 5'3.

    But your fine my friend is in 8th grade to and she is that height.

  • You're tall for an 8th Grader.

  • I'm a girl and I'm about 5'8", but I am one of the taller people in my grade, but not the tallest. I think that 5'7" is a normal height for most guys in 8th grade.

  • There IS not average height for an 8th grade, especially a boy because everyone gets their hormones and starts puberty at a different rate and age.

  • at my school the height of guys veries. there are a lot of really short guys but there are some guys that are taller than me(i'm 5'6"). i am tall in my group of friends well one of my friends is a little taller than me. i am in 8th grade too.

  • Well I'm a female, but I'm 5'3". And I'm tall for my age. I don't know about boys. Maybe a little shorter because they've just started puberty.

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