What is the average speed a person can propel a kayak?

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  • Answer depends on which kayak you are in and what your are using to propel that kayak (paddle or pedals). The tide, currents or wind is also a factor in the speed. I'm in an ocean kayak race every year and which boat you have definitely makes a difference.

    On a 12' sit-on-top ocean kayak using paddles I average 5-6 mph. Using the pedals (with skeg or rutter) I average 7-8 mph. If my dog is on the kayak with me I average only 2-3 mph. Touring kayaks are the speed demons. I have never been able to catch up with one yet. They go smooth and straight due to their shape, construction, length and that wonderful rutter. The right paddle can make a difference as well.

    The world's fastest kayak, which floats over the water rather than nosing through waves like more typical boats can be found at warrenlightcraft.com. Named 'Little Wing' for the fore and aft wings that add stability, the kayak is the creation of Ted Warren. An MIT-educated engineer, Warren 'played around for three years with 3-D wire mesh designs on his PC, crunching the numbers for speed and stability, then started building actual models to test in the waters near his Massachusetts home. In 2006 the innovative kayak design won gold at the Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) competition. For detailed pics, check out: http://images.businessweek.com/ss/06/08/kayak/inde...

    Hope that helps!

  • Average Kayak Speed

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    What is the average speed a person can propel a kayak?

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  • I paddle a 17.25' racing kayak and get an average of about 5.5mph/9km/h- you guys must be supermen and women to achieve those speeds in recreational boats. Either that or you speed measures differently in your part of the world...

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  • you guys should take a look as what a 43 year old man can do in a lacie plastic boat without trying B.C. canada schooner cove to jedidiaih isalnd beach 1hr. and back 52 min without trying that means well over double your speeds. I have unedited go pro footage. I d love to know what my speed is close to 20kph?

  • i do alot of kayaking.you need to be more specific.im guessing that i travel about 6mph in my rec kayak,8mph in my sea kayak,and in my whitewater kayak it depends on the speed of the river.most rivers flowing @ about 12mph.

  • I have clocked myself at an avg. of 6 mph in my little recreational kayak using my g.p.s., I would say that I am pretty close to the avg. paddler.

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