What is the best song to dedicate to a niece that means the WHOLE world to you..That you feel saved your life?

My niece is only 9 months, but she saved my life.

If it weren't for her I would still be in the hell hole like I was before she was born.

When she is 1 yrs old, it will make me sober for 1 year! (April 17th)

I want the PERFECT song to dedicate for her!

Please, if you know of any, let me know!


3 Answers

  • Very awesome!

    I'd say: My Wish by Rascal Flatts

    If I Never Knew You by Jon Secada and Shanice

    Green Eyes by Coldplay

    Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

    Thank You- Keith Urban

    I think these all fit perfectly! Good luck!

    Source(s): Looking through the 1,595 songs on my iPod.
  • Dedicate For

  • How you remind me! Nickelback. It has so much meaning.I can't think of a better song.

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