what is the comparative of mature? maturer or more mature? why?

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  • Both maturer and more mature would be allowed, though people generally use the latter. Likewise, maturest and most mature also are correct.

    Source(s): Yahoo Reference and Yahoo Spell Check.
  • Maturer

  • More mature... don't know! Maturer is not a word... I am an English teacher and that is the best I can come up with!! shocking!

  • Mature= grown up developed, riƿє-ṅєd, maturer, person having reached full growth, full condition and age More mature= more skilled than age, more knowledgeable than age. ( The definations tells you why.)

  • maturer, maturest

    When unsure of the comparative or superlative form, your best bet is to consult a dictionary, but a general rule is this:

    Most one- and two- syllable adjectives will take the –er and –est endings to make the comparative or superlative. Most longer adjectives take the “more”/ “less” “most” / “least” route.

    Source(s): The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

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