what is the correct spelling the the word that soud like ” bouswa” meaning primpy and prancy, high society typ

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  • bour·geois ( P ) Pronunciation Key (br-zhwä, brzhwä)

    n. pl. bourgeois

    A person belonging to the middle class.

    A person whose attitudes and behavior are marked by conformity to the standards and conventions of the middle class.

    In Marxist theory, a member of the property-owning class; a capitalist.


    Of, relating to, or typical of the middle class.

    Held to be preoccupied with respectability and material values.

  • yup ditto that.. bourgeois: a person of the middle class; ordinary

  • bourgeois

    it actually means "middle class"

  • bourgeois

  • I dunno, but it's french, look it up, bou something

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