What is the creepy dog that appears on sims 3 when you woohoo?

On sims 3 pets when you woohoo or try for baby this creepy stuffed animal dog appears called carter caninenius. If you sell it its worth 1000 simoleons. What the heck is it???

2 Answers

  • That is a "Mysterious Mr. Gnome." Carter Caninenius is one of the new magical gnomes that came with the Pets expansion pack. There are tons of other varieties that may show up in your yard, including horse or cat-themed ones for pets, ones themed for different countries with World Adventures, etc. The gnomes are pretty much just novelty items. They appear out of nowhere, and move around on their own. Carter has a small chance to spawn if your sim is best friends with a dog.

  • I think that it might be a glitch, if it keeps on happening, uninstall things that you could have gotten from the Exchange... That usually works!

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