What is the difference between 225 and 215 in tire size?

My tire size is 225/65/17. Goodyear put 215/65/17 on without consulting me. What are the ramifications of that change from 225 to 215?

Thanks all for your quick responses. I guess what I really want to know is will this change have any affect on my odometer? Would a slightly smaller tire register more miles traveled than the original size tire?

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  • The tire is slightly narrower (by 10 millimeters) and shorter in sidewall height. The first number 215,225, etc. is the width of the tire in millimeters, and the second number is the aspect ratio, expressed as a percentage of the width. The 215's will will revolve 720 times per mile, versus 707 times per mile for the 225's. This is 1.8% difference. The speedometer will show 60 mph and you will only be travelling 58.9 mph if you use the 215's. It is going to make your vehicle rack up more miles than you are actually driving. If it were my vehicle, I would return the tires and tell the shop either to put the correct ones on or refund my money.

    Edit: I am assuming that a 225/65/R17 is the correct size tire for your vehicle. The tire placard (on the inside edge of the drivers door in most cases) will tell you the size tires that came on it from the factory and proper inflation pressures.

  • 215 65 17 Tires

  • Tire Size Difference

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    the 225/70-15 is about 2 inches taller than the 215/60-15, but both tires fit on the same rim.

  • 1st number tread width (not height) measured in millimeters

    2nd number is height percentage of width

    3rd number is size of rim

    for example a 225/65/17 is 225 millimeters wide, the height is 65% of width (.65*225=146.25) and fits a 17" rim.

  • Looks better, drives better, feels better, in the front with the 215 s!

  • the difference is 10 millimeters, no problem, they probably put 215s on there because that was the original tire size from the factory

  • the only difference is 1 cm wide, it`s not a problem and the car will have a slightly better mileage...

  • http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp?ac... this site will tell you every thing you need to know

  • little taller tire

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