What is the difference between a partial highlighting and a full highlighting?

I am getting my medium length dark blonde hair highlighted. What do I need to know about the best process? Full vs partial? Foil vs cap? What color or colors ahould I use for the most natural look? Some of my natural highlights look red and some look blonde. Would both colors be acceptable together? I know I am asking a lot. But I want it to look good and I don't have a clue what I need. I see an image in my head though and I want to see it on my head!

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  • The partial is just the crown (top and sides) a full is the whole head. I would ask them to weave sections to help keep it look natural, i think using red and blondes are fine. if you want to keep it med. use colors between a 7-9. your stylist can show you swatches.

  • A partial is just the top and full is all through your hair which will make your whole head of hair look lighter especially when there is a fine weave. So if your just looking for so streaks on the top geta partial and as for a few aroudn your face if you pull it back into a ponytail. Both colors might look tacky and most sylests will tell you that it was really like 2000 to do both... but you need to decide if you want to be more red or more blonde and /i would just go with one. If your gettign it down you dont need anything just a bring a picture of what you want.

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    Full means your entire head is highlighted. Partial means usually highlights around your face. Partial is much cheaper and smarter, since you really never see the highlights in the back of your head. Go with partial, you save money and you get the benefit of lights around your face, not hidden in the back. In addition, it takes less time in the salon, and your hair is in much better condition, because you are only highlighting a smaller area. The hair in the back stays healthy. Naturally, it looks much better to have highlights around your face vs all over. You really don't need them in the back, and it's perfectly fine if the back is slightly darker. More up to date look!

  • Partial, usually referred to as half, means that only part or half of your head will receive highlights (usually the top half). A full head of highlights means that you will receive highlights around your entire head, from the crown to the nape of the neck.

  • partial is jus a layer throught the top of your hair full is all through your hair. if u wear you hair down everyday partial is fine if you wear it up you want full so you get the better effect

  • partial highlighting is at the top of your head.

    full highlighting is all through your head.

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