What is the difference between a table and a diagram?

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  • A table consists of an ordered arrangement of rows and columns. This is a simplified description of the most basic kind of table. Usually used for comparisions and analysis as one data can be visualized against another.

    A B C

    1 2 3

    A diagram is a geometric symbolic representation of information according to some visualization technique. The term diagram in common sense can have two meanings.

    visual information device : Like the term “illustration” ,and

    specific kind of visual display : that show qualitative data with shapes that are connected by lines, arrows, or other visual links.

  • Table Diagram

  • It is like Windows and Mouse and Desktop and Lap top.

    Table is for keeping different items in sorted order separately so that one can take out the desired item in required quantity, but a Diagram is to show the original positions of different item in an order in connected sequence

  • In simplest terms a table is something you would see in Microsoft Excel and a diagram is something you would see in Microsoft Visio.

  • table

    a list of numbers, facts, or information arranged in rows across and down a page

    table of

    a table of results

    the table of contents



    a simple drawing or plan that shows exactly where something is, what something looks like, or how something works


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