What is the difference between boss connection and earth lug?

some area are mentioned on drawing for the earth connection in metallic structure Boss connection. but some electrical panel are showing earthing lug, is there any difference in the function of these technical words

3 Answers

  • A boss is a built up area in a casting which allows for the drilling and tapping of a hole into the boss.

    A lug is a terminal that is crimped on to the end of a wire and is used for the purpose of bonding that wire to a metallic case or ground.

    Botho of these are parts of a gorunding connection and are being used to describe where you should attach a ground connection .

    A detailed description of grounding a wire to a cast case(electrical box).

    A cast electrical box has a boss cast into it. A blind hole (not drilled all the way through) is drilled into the boss and that hole is threaded (tapped). A threaded stud is screwed into the tapped hole and secured with an external tooth lock washer and nut. This keeps the stud from being unthreaded and the lock washer helps to bond to the case.

    The Lug is crimped onto the end of a ground wire and the lug is then placed on the stud. Another external tooth lock washer is placed on top of the lug and another nut is used to secure the lug onto the stud.

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