What is the difference between experience and expertise?

8 Answers

  • Experience is the process of learning and collecting Information.

    Expertise is when you are at an advanced level of understanding a certain subject,

  • Expertise is specific to skill. Experience is general, meaning exposure to events or scenarios. You never use them in the same context except maybe a resume.

    In a resume, Expertise implies a skill that is mastered. Experience implies a skill that's well, experienced as in someone riding on a roller coaster ride... they're just going along. LOL!

  • You get experience by doing the same job over a long period or many times.

    You have the expertise when you are an expert in it.

  • If someone has expertise they probably got it through experience, though experience is not a guarantee that you will become an expert.

  • Anyone can have experience in something.

    Not everyone acquires expertise however.

    Expertise is when you have a level of skill and are proficient at something.

  • expertise relies on experience to lend it credibility..

  • a person who has practice doing something may not be very good, but the other has experience and is an expert at doing something

  • exp= done that before

    expertise=done that before and done it right the first time 🙂

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