What is the difference between preop and postop transsexuals?

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  • "Pre-op" means they have not had an operation yet, what we'd usually call "sexual reassignment surgery" (pre= before, op=operation). Although that covers a wide range of procedures, people generally take it to mean some form of genital surgery, but it doesn't necessarily have to mean that (it's whatever someone feels is necessary to re-shape their body, at least sex- or gender-wise.).

    "Post-op" means after surgery (post=after, op=operation). Generally speaking it's after they've had SRS. Some people identify as "post-op transsexual" or a "post-op" transgender person, but there's also those who just identify as male or female since they've been through the surgical process (whatever that may have been).

    (With the caveat that surgery isn't always desired or necessary, and transpeople can identify many different ways regardless of surgery)

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    What is the difference between preop and postop transsexuals?

  • Not very much, actually; the distinction is an artificial one used to make non-trans people feel more comfortable.

    A transsexual person (of either gender) is a transsexual person, regardless of surgery.

  • Pre-op is when we still have the (male parts)

    Post-op is after the srs (sexual reassignment surgery).

    Should one seek to learn the TRUE facts of what we go through google "srs surgery" one may wish to watch graphic examples.

    I am a pre-op transsexual

    happy trails.

  • Preop is before an operation.Postop is after an operation.

    In this category of yahoo answers & referring to transexuals, it means prior to or after a transexual has had a gender changing surgery.

  • Tranny Post Op

  • Post Op Tranny

  • pre = before

    post = after

    op = short for operation

  • pre-op trannys are ones that havent had their parts removed, or added....depending on if they are biologically male or female..

    post-op is a male tranny having his bit chopped off and replaced with a female piece. visa-versa for a female.

  • Befpre sex change

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