what is the disneyland traditions class?

i just got hired in anaheim. what is the traditions class?

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  • This part of the required training you receive after you are hired by Disney. They teach you about the history of Disneyland and introduce you to the way Disney does things. You will be there all day long. You are required to dress at minimum business casual. They will actually look over your appearance and tell you if you need to cut your hair, shave, wear less makeup, etc. They have pretty strict rules regarding your appearance as you are representing Disney. You will be in class most of the day. Afterward they take you for a tour around the park, then they break everyone up into groups depending on what department your will be working for. Then they will give you a little more information on what you will be doing specifically.

    After that they will schedule your for training. Could be a few weeks after before you get back there. Then they actually show you the locker rooms, your department office location, how to clock in and out and where that is located, they show you where you will pickup your costume and how that whole process works. This training will take a few days before you are actually allowed to work. You won't be put on the schedule right away. Right now they are ramping up for summer and getting all the people they have hired in for training. What you can do is call in often to tell them you are available for work and if anyone calls in sick you will most likely be called in. Otherwise you'll probably be sitting around till the end of May and not working unless it is super busy on the weekend. As a new hire, forget about having a social life. They will have you working nights and weekends and once you get your summer schedule you will be working a lot. Mostly 2-10 pm or 4pm - 12am. If you get stuck working grad nights, you might be there from 12am - 6 am. All the new hires get the worst shifts for at least the first year.

    Another key thing. In September, once summer is over and they cut the hours back to closing at 6pm, they cut all the newest cast members hours back to maybe 5 hours per week (you will be working probably 40+ hours per week during summer). This is how they get most of the cast members to quit every year. If you like working there. Stick it out. After the first 2 or 3 years you will get the better shifts and not have your hours cut so bad. You will also be guaranteed to work all holidays and there is no way out of it unless you quit. You'll be working 4 days straight on Thanksgiving for sure. If you tell them you can't, they will reprimand you, and or fire you.

  • Disney Traditions Class

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    what is the disneyland traditions class?

    i just got hired in anaheim. what is the traditions class?

  • This is where they introduce you to the Disney family. It's a long class that can be a little boring but ends up being fun. They also take you on a tour around the park and show you the areas and sometimes you'll even run into a movie star doing this, I saw Kobe Bryant on mine. But you should wear nice dress clothes with comfortable shoes. But overall it's a great opening to the magic you'll soon create 🙂

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    Plan to be there till at least 4. I think that's when they schedule it until -- you are paid for 8 hours, and they usually tell you to come at 7:30 so that you will be ready to begin by 8. You may get out a little before then, but I would not plan to get out early.

  • Congrats! I would just call back and ask some questions. Since you were probably uber excited the last time and maybe missed some information, make sure that this time have a pen and paper handy to write down any information (dates, times, contact names and numbers) that you might need.

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