What is the easiest way of working out checkouts while playing darts?

I play darts reguarly, but cannot seem to remember checkouts & if i miss a treble I have to study. Is there an easy way of working out checkouts or is it just a case of memorising a checkout chart?

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  • I have played on a league for going on 18 years now. and sometimes the bar that we play at doesn’t have a chart. So i keep a small copy in a notebook that i take to league matches. Unless your great with math, there is no other way. unless you purchase an electronic score keeper. I used to have one of those, but it was more trouble than it was worth.

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  • I was very lucky in this department……I grew up with darts as both my father and brother in law played for the pub team I went on later to join so the game was always in the house. It became second nature for me to be able to work out checkouts almost instantly, much to the frustration of my team mates. Regular practice is really the only way but give this a try:

    Play a couple of hours of 101 only! First dart to be a loose throw towards the centre of the board the try and quickly as you can work out what the finish should be…a 15 leaves 86 so bull, D18 or perhaps T18, D16. The most important aspect though is to recognise early on what your favourite double is and always try and work towards it. Another good game (if you can find a willing partner) is to get them to shout out number below 150 and then you have to give them the checkout quickly back as an answer.

    Hope it works out for you.

  • Sorry Bob, but there is no easy way of remembering your checkouts other than practising. Start with outs from 60 – 100 incorporating your favourite double plus the usuals, 16, 18 and 20 and you’ll soon remember them. Don’t forget using the 25 and bull as percentage shots to start a finish. Good luck!

  • I personally think it is down to memory and practice, what i used to do while practicing is think of a random number between 80 and 170, find the best way out, then keep doing it until you get it, then move on to a different number.

    if you do this for an hour a night, you will soon start remembering!

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