What is the english translation of NAGLALAMBING?

12 Answers

  • lamb´ing ­ maglambing (mag)-. to caress, to show fondness, affection, tenderness. Naglambing siya sa nanay niya. He showed affection for his mother.

    naglalambing - showing fondness, affection, tenderness

  • Way to show love.

  • to show affection

  • naglalaming - being cuddly and playfully sweet

  • to cuddle someone..

    to show love to someone..

    to show affection to someone..

    it means showing someone that you love him/her ^_^

  • present tense of "to cuddle" (cuddling)

  • "Naglalambing" is just like she or his just make you sweet, like hug you or just kissing you!!

  • being affectionate

  • fondling xD



    being sweet..??

  • i believe it is...


    Source(s): i am a filipino...

    and i do speak english well enough...=]

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