what is the essential difference between microwaves and blue light?

a) there is no essential difference in the nature of microwaves and blue light other than a difference in frequency and wavelenght

b) one is a form of radiation, the other is not

c) one has an electric charge, the other does not

d) one undergoes refraction, the other does not

e) blue light is a beam of photons. Microwaves are not photons

4 Answers

  • a)

    See llink midway down page;


  • Roger S is right...the correct answer is 'a'

    So-called blue light and microwaves are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum (..light..) and move at the same velocity. Only their frequencies and wavelengths are different.

  • a because mirowaves and blue light are both waves but one is light waves and the other is like a heat wave

  • b

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