What is the final step in the problem-solving process

6)The seventh and final step of the Problem Solving and Decision Making process is Implement the solution Select the solution


Answer: 6

The correct option is:

Evaluate the


Evaluation of the results to determine whether a satisfactory
solution has been obtained is the seventh and final stage of the
Problem Solving and Decision Making Process.

The other stages are:

1. Definition of the problem
2. Identification of the alternatives
3. Determination of the criteria
4. Evaluation of the found the alternatives
5. Selection of an alternative
6. Implementation of the selected alternative

Answer: 7

The correct option is:

Evaluate the issue based on


The first step in solving a discord/conflict amongst employees
is to understand the issue first, until and unless one understands
the issues/reasons behind the discord he will not be able to
provide an effective solution and address the discord.

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